This little number sits perfectly in a low DSP mastering chain, or even as a channel insert.  It has the user interface advantage of being able to operate the bands graphically or by separate parameter knobs.  Switchable between 12db and 24db, mono or stereo it also frees up DSP if you remove some of the bands.

Also available for purchase is it's big brother the SpEQtrum (click on the pic below for more info..)

"I like the SpEQtrum because it has notch, shelf and cut with 12/24db options and zoom db levels for surgery. Wolf makes great stuff." - JAV

Another great device to sit in the mastering chain is the TUBETAPER.  Great for emulating the sound characteristics of tape compression and tube enhancement it's the perfect device to add a bit of boom to your mix.  But be warned : start off with low settings (you may never need them higher anyway) and low volume on your output stage to keep those woofer coils intact !

The diagram to the right shows the Tubetaper inserted on the output of a mix feeding back into Cubase (or other ASIO sequencer) for final mixdown.

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Once again, the availability of free devices shows SCOPE making obsolescence obsolete.

Dante July 2010