The modular mixer is a new approach to Scope mixing which allows a producer to build their own mixer in minutes with more freedom of choice about how they would like to mix than many pre-packaged mixers. 

Some of these choices include:

  • Use your own mixture of simple (levels only) or more complex channels (with more send effect slots).

  • Versatility in mono vs stereo processing.  For example, a lead vocal recorded as a mono signal no longer requires the resource of a stereo mixer channel in order to have a stereo reverb affect applied.  Or the ability to apply separate mono effects to the left and right of stereo signals.

  • The number of buses (initially 7) can be extended.

  • View a maximum number of channels on your monitor.

  • Comprehensive DSP management.

  • Fully configurable bus types.  Given seven buses, with one used as the MAIN output,  its now up to you as to how many of the remaining 6 are used as AUX busses and how many are used as GROUP busses.  

  • Supports advanced features such as sidechaining and crossfading.

  • MIDI automation across all channels and CC ranges.

  • In a live scenario, a totally separate mix could be sent to each musician (see below).

These are just some of the main advantages of the modular mixer approach, with the depth of functionality going far beyond conventional mixing consoles in regards integration with audio sequencers and ease of routing.


How many times has the soloist asked for their volume to be louder, but no-one else needs it louder?



"The Modular Mixer embodies everything that’s so highly prized by owners of SCOPE – Flexibility and Complexibility in realizing your musical dreams. SpaceF has developed a number of blogs to help you begin to understand the enormity of this system and how it might turn your music into a professional product."  - mausmuso

"Alleviates having to do splitting and external mixers, and headphone amps don't cover the distinct sending of each players own feed.  Also allows incorporation of multiple dedicated sub-mixers for drums, guitar, keys, etc. without having to use a ton of extra aux/sub sends on the FOH mixer." - GregH

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Dante July 2010