One of the fantastic things about Scope is the availability of the Scope SDK for users of higher-end Scope boards.  Owners of the SDK can then develop Scope compatible devices and instruments and release them to other users free of charge.  This is in addition to a number of third parties releasing devices commercially.

Most Scope users typically end up using a mix of free and commercial devices across their projects.  This month we look at two free synthesizers, The Paradox (by NEUTRON) and the Opale (by HUROLURA).  Both created with help from Shroomz.

The Paradox is the result of a collaborative effort with other Scope developers contributing graphics, algorithms and presets.  It's based on a different type of synthesis similar to "phase distortion" but different in character. The best thing to do is try it, you can get a lot of lively sounds not heard as much on subtractive synthesizers.  It also has the possibility of Virus-style "modulation of a modulator"

It is a variation on typical dual oscillator synths we've seen before, but with the addition of an 'Aux' oscillator to modulate the sound of the other two, and dual envelope shapers for each of the two main oscillators.  With the addition of LF0 sections and Low Pass/High Pass Filter sections, the real estate of this great looking black beauty is densely populated without looking overcrowded, and is versatile in sound generation.

Some gritty sounds are possible with plenty of definition and character, and this is highlighted by some sixty or so initial presets with further sets available on PlanetZ 

"Brazda and Melopad presets"

There's lots to like about this flame blue offering from HUROLURA.  I immediately liked the fact that you can tweak the envelopes with either four faders, showing a graph like representation, or the ASDR knobs.  Tweaking knobs will move the faders and vice versa.  

Many presets in this synth leverage stereo imaging with well timed panning patterns, represented in the sound bytes below.

Another great sonic characteristic of this synth is its ability to generate many 'breathy' sounds with more character than would be offered by simple white noise generators.

"Bright Pad and Progressive Pad"

Dante August 2010