SCOPE comes with extensive tools for mastering that perfect track:

  • Get spectral balance with the Spectral Balance Controller (SBC)

  • Add shine with the superb PSY Q Psycho Acoustic Processor

  • Normalize, multi-band compress/expand and limit with the powerful OptiMaster Intelligent Mastering Processor.

Now if you add a third party plug-in tool like the Brainworx BX v2 Mid - Side Processor or the DigitalAudioSoft (DAS) DynPara MS you have extensive mid-side controls.  For still more professional results, check out the DAS MASTERIT EQ.

BrainWorx BX v2 offers:


  • MS EQ

  • Bass Mono control

  • De-essing

  • Stereo width abilities

DynPara offers:


  • MS EQ

  • Dynamic frequency based expansion/compression

  • Two FX inserts, and controls to mix MS output with the original signal.

  • Full MIDI control over all parameters


On top of the tools mentioned above there is a range of superb plug-ins available (many of them freebies) that you might throw into the processing chain. Many commercial plug-ins model classic processors (such as the Pultec EQ or the SL9000 Channel Strip). They are too numerous to mention individually but these tools include:


  • Filters

  • Tube Warmers

  • Bass enhancers

  • Vintage EQ

  • Lots More



The MASTERIT EQ is an emulation of a well known high-end mastering EQ featuring:
  • 5 independent EQ bands with a choice of filter types.
  • Stereo/Dual-Mono operation.
  • Mid/Side operation.
  • Linked or Unlinked operation.
SCOPE is also the tool of choice for mixing and mastering stems. You could set up so the stems are delivered from your sequencer via ASIO, or you could record the stems into VDAT and work solely in SCOPE from then on. What you do with the final mastered track is also up to you. Record it back into your sequencer or Wave editor via ASIO or record it back into VDAT alongside the stems themselves.  Maybe even record several masters (for later comparison) into separate tracks in VDAT along side the stems. 

Another possibility is to partly master in a sequencer (to take advantage of your favorite of VSTi plug-ins) and partly in the SCOPE environment. Scope's flexibility allows you to work the way you want and can be adapted as your level of sophistication grows or new tools become available.

MausMuso August 2010

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