Whilst Sonic Core focus on priorities for the XITE-1 platform, third party developer DIGITAL-AUDIO-SOFT have dedicated some resources to assist XITE-1 users get the most from their Scope devices with the addition of a new rack device and several other device optimizations.

Also, DAS are one of the first (if not the first) third party developers to step up to 64 bit platform support with Scope 64 bit compatibility updates here.


This device gives XITE-1 users more choices in how to load older Scope 4.0 devices to the new or old DSP.  Previously, to achieve ease of workflow users of the Scope 4.0 effects needed to use them as inserts on the mixer, where the DSP assignment is saved with the project.

Using the DAS FX RACK, Scope 4.0 devices can now be loaded without this restriction.  Users are now reporting that they can use the power of the old DSP chips instead of having six of them sitting there doing nothing.

Multiple DAS FX RACKs can be loaded into a single project, allowing more control over the assignment of devices within a mixer to the new DSP or the six legacy DSP without compromising workflow.

This initiative by DAS again shows the uniqueness of the Scope platform, where developers work directly with end users to achieve positive outcomes.




Other DAS devices to receive optimization for the XITE-1 include the RMX160 which can now load more instances without user confirmation.

The DAS 5 Channel Reverb can also now load without user confirmation. 


DAS RMX160 DAS 5 Channel Reverb.  Five independent reverb engines


The DAS Xited Mixer has also been updated for XITE-1 users. 

This 16 channel mixer is useful for dynamic routing and sending ASIO channels to different destinations for live recording.

Rather than come with inbuilt processing, it includes inserts for compression, equalization and other effects on a per channel basis, so the user has full choice about how to use their DSP resources.

Use in conjunction with the DAS Rack for a perfect combination of efficiency and choice.

DAS XITED Mixer can be upgraded to work with Scope 5.1 64 bit with the latest DGxMacki.sys





  1. DAS C350



  4. REVERB BUNDLE (D-Verb, GriesVerb, REV 224 LCD)

1,2 and 3 above can be upgraded to work with Scope 5.1 64 bit with the latest DAS_COEFF11.SYS


Much of the R&D for these device updates was conducted with founder members of the XITED forum, which is now open to the public (announced at the Sonic Core web site).


Dante September 2010

  For more info contact Eric and Olive or visit DAS