Sounds like a complex combination, why use so many programs?  Well, you don't have to use them all at once.  Record is a perfectly capable DAW that will work with Scope without Cubase or Reason being in the audio chain, but I have included them all for the purposes of covering the setup of the protocols between them.  You may have old projects in Cubase that you now wish to enhance with devices from the Record/Reason duo.  Or you may have a spread of favorite plug-ins across all four applications.  Whatever the case, here is the lowdown.

ReWire is a system for transferring audio data from one application to another, in real time. Basically, you could view ReWire as an "invisible audio cable" that connects two computer programs.  ReWire allows you to stream audio in real time from Reason to a ReWire host application (such as Cubase), play/stop and move the playback cursor with both programs in perfect sync.  ReWire also provides for sending MIDI data between two applications (in both directions). This allows you to send MIDI from the ReWire host to Reason, for external MIDI control of Reasonís instrument and effect devices.  Since the release of Record, the whole 'Reason Rewired to Cubase' scenario has changed.  Mainly because of the provision of the Record SLL Master Mixer.  This opens the possibility of dialing in a bunch of say orchestral loaded NN-XT samplers into the SLL, and passing the resulting stereo output back to Cubase (and therefore via ASIO back to Scope) as an orchestral sub-mix.

Depending on which versions of Reason/Record/Cubase you are running, there is a recommended sequence for starting up and closing the applications in order to preserve the MIDI Rewire connections remembered by Cubase between sessions:

1. Open your Scope project.
2. Open Cubase, but do not open your Cubase project.
3. Open Reason/Record
4. Load your Reason/Record project
5. Open your Cubase project.

Following the above sequence should avoid the old 'Cubase forgetting the Reason/Record MIDI connections' issue.

1. Save and close your Cubase project (without closing Cubase itself).
2. Save and close your Reason/Record project.
3. Close Cubase.
4. Close Scope.

Following the above sequence will ensure that the Cubase MIDI ReWire to Reason/Record connections are remembered.

Dante October 2010

'Tone Puzzles' - produced by Dante using Reason/Record/Cubase/Scope