Every now and again it's the simplest ideas that work the best.  This is the case with two free devices shown below that use practically no DSP but are useful as standard plugs in every project.  In this case the TUBEVISION and CONTROL ROOM SPEAKER SETUP come in handy for monitoring the mastering level and routing to output of the final stereo output of a mix ( STM2448 for example ).  

I found the TubeVision is great for Mastering, by arranging the stereo pairs as follows :

  • The first stereo pair shows the output from the STM2448, which then feeds into the DAS MASTERIT EQ.

  • The second stereo pair shows the output from DAS MASTERIT and feeds into DAS BRICKMASTER.

  • The third stereo pair shows the final output from DAS BRICKMASTER.


Another great device is this Control Room Speaker Setup.

The final output from OptiMaster above feeds the input of this control room devices.  The three outputs are then sent to:

  • ASIO output to Cubase for mixdown.

  • DOD Headphone Amplifier

  • Power Amp and Tannoy Speakers.

This allows me to mute any of the three outputs and give them independent volume levels.


The above devices plus a wealth of other free devices can be found at Young Music.

Dante December 2010