A few months ago I asked the question as to whether there were any Bon Jovi style talk box on Scope.  I received a few replies, some of them not particularly Scope related but interesting nevertheless.


DANTE: Anyone know how to get the Bon Jovi talking guitar wah on Scope ?

ATOM: You feed the guitar to a little speaker housed in a cone. The other end of the cone connects to a tube, transferring the sound to your mouth. You shape/filter/... the sound by changing your mouth's shape, then mic that echo back into the monitor/main amp. All the articulations are made by your mouth. Just take a speaker like from an old radio (3 to 5"?) and pipe it through.

DANTE: The only thing I can add to what you're saying is that the piping of the sound to mouth then that sound back to cabinet seem to be one and the same pipe / electrical connection, e.g. it's not like one pipe in then another pipe / microphone output back - at least that's the way it seemed from the video, but I could be wrong.

ATOM: The sound isn't traveling back down the pipe to the cabinet - it might but it's not being used, would be overruled by the dry sound anyways. A microphone in front of the mount captures the 'filtered' vocal sound, just like for singing, and is then recorded/monitored.

DANTE: OK.   A microphone in front, that's the piece of the puzzle I was missing. So you're working three things at once doing this trick.  The pipe, a microphone and the guitar.

ATOM: Dry sound to the speaker, through funnel and tube. Then mouth reflects 'formant filtered' sound back to mike, which is then monitored/recorded. Effect is like a light vowel-ish auto-wah.  Had good fun with other 'echo chambers', too: Another funnel, coffee pot, my daughter's little plastic shovel, etc.  The effect when sliding the chambers over and away from the tube exit/mike combo is more phasing/flanging, comparable to the sound of your footsteps when you're walking through an alley.  I first had the talk box sitting next to me, but the direct speaker sound mixed in the mike, too much. So I used the spare hole in the wall to put the talk box in the next room, a small storage room where my DAW is, too. That did away with the talk box mess, and with the cross-bleed.

XITE-1/4LIVE:  Or you could buy Celmo's Talk Box.  It's quite authentic and works perfectly well on synths a la Rocky Mountain Way by Joe Walsh. Totally MIDI controllable, And as usual, Celmo's devices just work every time.


NEUTRON: Linn Design Adrenalinn can do 'talk box without actual words' sounds. If you don't want to build a talk box, you can probably sequence a formant filters cutoff/vowel with a MIDI CC (not velocity because it needs to slide).  This is pretty much what the Adrenalinn does.
SKWAWKS: My Digitech RP250 has a preset , which you can manipulate with its built in expression pedal, called "Der Ya" ...Sounds a lot like Joe Walsh to me.
Dante, Atom, XITE-1/4LIVE, Neutron November 2010