Consolidated from the Planetz topic XITE-1 PC CONFIGURATION REFERENCE constructed from 04/AUG/2009 to 01/OCT/2009
Intel DP35DP
Intel Intel Core2Duo E7400
4 GB Kingston DDR2 RP_001:  XITE-1 is sharing IRQ with some other devices, but no trouble so far.
ASUS Rampage II Extreme
Intel X58
Intel I7 920
12 GB NOMAGIC:  Windows 7 32bit RC and Vista 32bit. I have finished testing my new system und everything works now without any problems!
 (Latest BIOS and Chipset) Q6600
4GB CORTONE:  WinXP sp3 w/3G switch. The PCIe card is in the slot nearest the graphics card. I started in the slot farthest away (system didn't see XITE-1), moved to the second slot (shared IRQ16 with graphics card, didn't test to see if there was a problem), and disabled the USB Port which shared the IRQ when I moved to the final slot by the graphics card. XITE-1 is now sharing with a PCIe root, which I assume is the one that it is installed into and is okay.  System is very stable. I get DSP Optimization errors if I start to get crazy with the polyphony even though the overall load is only about 30%, but I suspect that is partly user error as I get the DSP assignment tricks sorted out.  EDIT: After getting some intermittent power-on errors, and having some other glitches, I followed GaryB/XITE-1/4Live's advice and moved it back to the middle slot which shares IRQ16. Back to stability, nearly all glitches are gone! Plus, the most recent release (2609) has helped improve the DSP Optimization errors a lot.
  Intel Core i7 920 3GB TJSOUND:  Win XP SP3 RAID (0) on JMicron controller (integrated) share IRQ with XITE-1 (Irq17).  Works well.  Toshiba Satellite A300-PSAGCE-Win7 - sonic core express card - Xite-1 also fully working.
MSI X58A-GD65 Intel Intel i7 930 CPU @ 3.5GHz 12GB - Corsair XMS3 2GB DIMM's x 6. XITE-1/4LIVE:  OS Windows 7 Premium Home x64.  Bidule and Reaper as host and ReWire host.  Play, Bidule, Kontakt 4.1.1. and PianoTeq Pro 3
RAM @ 1600MHz/ CAS8 / 1.4volt ( for the 12GB's to be seen by OS ).  Sweetspot Overclock
1240 DDR3.

RECOMMENDED BIOS SETTINGS (may overcome i7 power stepping issues)

  • Intel EIST.....................Disabled
  • Intel C State.................Disabled
  • Intel C1E......................Disabled
  • CPU Overspeed Prot.......Disabled
  • Hyperthreading..............Disabled
  • Execute Bit Support........Enabled
  • Set Limit Max CPUID to 3..Disabled
  • Intel Virtual Tech............Enabled
  • Intel VT-d Trch..............Disabled
Gigabyte EP43DS3
Intel E8400 3Ghz CoreDuo
  2GB TAU: So far, it's working well. I had to replace my old ATI X600, since it was acting up a lot (blinking monitors, slow refresh, etc) It was a bit old. anyway, and the new one cost me 40 Euro.  XITE-1 shares IRQs with the Graphics no matter what slot it's in. I started with the 1X, close to the graphics, and now it's on an 8X, with no discernible difference.
DFI LanParty X38 DK   QX6800 4GB Corsair POLLUX: Matrox Parhelia PCIe graphics card with 3x19" screens attached.  Not a glitch with XITE-1 running at the lowest latency settings.
Asus Rampage II Extreme x58 Intel Intel Core i7 920 Nehalem 3 x 1 GB Corsair DDR3 1600mhz triple channel memory SOUNDDESIGNER: I switched Motherboards awhile back since my x58 Gigabyte UD4P was incompatible with XITE-1. I now have the ASUS Rampage II Extreme X58 Motherboard and it works very well with XITE-1. I've had this MOBO for about 2 months now and all is good, this is a working set-up.
Intel Intel i7 920 2.67 GHz 3 Gb RAM (OCZ Gold XTC OCZ3G1333LV1G) TJSOUND: Asus EAH3650 (ATI Radeon HD 3600),  Windows 7 (x64) Professional, Scope 5.1.2708 RC2, Cubase 5 (x32) Reaper 3.72 x64. No hardware conflict (IRQ sharing), clean ASIO (no glitches) 3 msec ULLI - 44100 Hz
ADK Laptop Intel Intel i7 975 3.33 GHz Quad HT 8meg cache /MDR3-4G/1066SODIMM GREGH: nVidia GeForce GTX 280M w/1GB DDR3.  If you would ever consider going with a laptop. Prices are coming down.
4ms ULLI at 48K. No glitches.
Intel DQ45CG 1333
Intel Intel E8600 1333 4GB JOEL: Video: Intel on-board dual head (2) 19" Mon
Chasis: Supermicro SC742T-550B (7) SATA hot swap bays
HD: (2) 250 GB SATA hot swap bays 0,1 RAID 1 - OS & Apps
HD: (3) 250 GB SATA hot swap bays 2,3,4 RAID 5 - Sample Library & Audio files
OS: XP Pro 32 bit
Solid as a rock...
Asus Rampage II Extreme X58
Intel X58 Intel Core i7 920
SOUNDDESIGNER: All works flawlessly with XITE-1.
Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD5 Rev.1 Intel  Intel i7 920 Corsair 1600 12Gb AURICLE: No problems at all - although I had to try different PCIe slots before it would be detected. I'm waiting until after Christmas to get an Intel i7 980 processor.


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