The NAMM show (held each year in Anaheim California) is one of the largest fairs of the music industry along with the music fair in Frankfurt.  During 2010 NAMM hosted over 1,500 exhibitors and more than 85,000 visitors from all over the world.  All available show room at the Anaheim Convention center (one of the largest fair centers of the world) has been filled by NAMM since 2007 and has been designated the 'loudest fair of the world' in spite of emission rules.  The volume levels have been known to exceed 85dB due to background sound alone. The NAMM show is open to members applying from registered companies in the music industry.



BRANDS: Scope, Scope Xite-1, A16.
Siegdamm 32, Siegburg, 53721 DEU
49-22413019595 | FAX: 49- 22413 019596
Booth# 5912 (Hall B)


GaryB: The Sonic Core booth was small but functional.  After all, with so much power packed into a small box (XITE-1) how much space do they really need?  On display was the XITE-1, an A-16 Ultra MK2 (Ferrofish), a laptop running Windows 7 (64-bit) which ran perfectly all day for four days, two pairs of monitors supplied by KRK, an acoustic guitar, a microphone, Cinja who sang her butt off, a Solaris, a small pink MIDI keyboard graciously donated by CME, and furnishings from IKEA.  Attending the booth was myself, Holger (sometimes, when he wasn't having meetings), Ralf Bach, John Bowen, Bernard (John Bowen's cool associate) and various visitors.  It was pretty good for a trade show.

The location wasn't in the best area traffic-wise, but it was on the main floor and I think that it will help the product gain momentum.  My hat is off to Sonic Core for sticking with Scope, as it's rare to see people working from passion in a business that's not as lucrative as other options. This makes me root for them to be successful, really.  Hard work well done deserves a reward.

As for high profile visitors there were reps from Avid, Roland, Korg (John Cooper), Bill Goldstein, Michael Boddicker, and a number of buyers, producers and players from major to minor were there.  Even nicer were the many loyal, devoted users who just stopped by to say hello.  Stevie Wonder was in the next booth over.




Joel, GregH, Holger, GaryB, John Cooper and Ralf Bach


Dante:  So I note that the display laptop was running Windows 7 (64-bit). Was the XITE-D on display?

Joel: Unfortunately the XITE-D was not on display, as due to overwhelming demand they were sold out.  A new run of both are being made at the end of this month.

Dante: And what of future developments?

GregH: They are still working on ironing out some 64-bit issues on some i7 systems (it's an industry issue, not necessarily Sonic Core's).

Joel: And of course the new SDK, and a dedicated controller for Scope mixers with additional I/O could be on the horizon.

GaryB:  Including a lower price point product and another AD/DA option.  As Joel says, they would love to add a dedicated hardware controller. Everything takes time and a hell of a lot of work. The SDK is probably first.

Dante: Any time for socializing?

GregH: Yeah, the dinner was great.  Forgot to take pics.  Ralf is a hilarious crazy man!  Also, it was great seeing Holger and Ralf jamming through Six-String and Modular at the booth.

Dante, GaryB, Joel and GregH January 2011  

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