Last month it became obvious that the ScopeRise site would run out of storage some time during 2011.  With many MP3 audio tracks, graphics and now animated GIF files, ScopeRise would soon need to buy some more storage.  But in the back of my mind, another solution loomed.  Since the first ScopeRise when we covered 'Harder Studios' I knew SoundCloud could be an option.  After investigation, I realized how easy and cost effective the SoundCloud service was and then wondered why I had not adopted it much earlier. 
Scope users on SoundCloud:


HitFoundry If only I had known about this sooner!
Catscratch With my basic package (40 CDN/year) I get 4 hours with not restrictions on file resolution. With my 8 tracks @ 24bit (44.1) wavs I still have 3.5 hours remaining.
Magesongs SoundCloud is cool.
Audio Irony  
Francis Harmany I am using the lovely SoundCloud.
Next To Nothing Well, first off the wave view has a smart comment feature where you can put 'timed comments', like if you have a comment on a delay in a certain section you can highlight that portion and put your comment on the timeline.   Also, they accept the majority of used audio formats with unlimited file size, so if you want to put your 10 minute piece in .wav format at 100mb size that's no problem. And the centralized storage means you can embed a player on your own site, which saves bandwith and storage cost for you as well.
Ben Walker
I created a soundcloud account so that I could investigate using the embedded player on my site.  It's very easy to use and you can see a couple of examples here:
However, you can only use the mini player if you sign up for a Lite Account (29 EU a year), so it looks a bit clunky.  I'd be really interested in anyone's recommendations for embedding mp3 players into websites - there are lots of options, and I'd be interested to hear anyone's experiences.

BooMP3 looks quite good, as does podbean. ... layer.html ... ash-player

Any recommendations?
Tau yahooplayer is great, thanks for the tip! I used to use Wimpy player, but it's better for large playlists, not single files.  I have recently started using soundcloud for some of my music, feel free to check it out (please do :) ):
Dante December 2010