Having fully integrated the DAS C350 into my Scope setup and finding it extremely beneficial for vocal processing, I decided to check out the DAS Legend as a solution for guitars. The reason for this is that I noticed that DAS Legend contained a tube warming feature called 'Voltage Control'.  I was not disappointed.  Even though I had recorded many guitar tracks using the Dynatube plug-in, I noticed that the DAS Legend could boost the presence of crunch rhythm and lead guitar very effectively.



The DAS Legend is a straightforward three band parametric EQ with frequency and gain control for each band (Low, Mid and High).  Each band can be switched in or out by selecting the small red LED graphic underneath the gain knob.

  • Low shelf band - freq : from 35 to 220 Hz - Gain : from -16 dB to +16 dB

  • Mid peak band - freq : from 0.35 to 7 KHz - Gain : from -16 dB to +16 dB

  • High shelf band - freq : from 10 to 16 KHz - Gain : from -16 dB to +16 dB

Underneath the 'Voltage Control' knob is also a red LED switch.  When engaged the Voltage Control level adds harmonics compression distortion, like a real tube.  Otherwise it functions as a straightforward output level knob.  I found that in overdrive mode, this control only needs a small boost to achieve the desired result on distorted guitar parts.

For crunch rhythm guitar, I found that adding full gain to slightly above center in the 'Low' band rounded out the low end of the mix.

Vocals recorded on non vintage equipment also benefit from the vintage treatment of the DAS Legend.  For example, vocals recorded with  U87 microphone / DBX160 combo on an SSL.

All in all, the DAS Legend is a simple, quick low DSP solution to adding some analog drive to tracks suited to that type of treatment. And best of all it uses the same precision filtering algorithm as other second generation DAS high end processors such as MASTERIT and C350.

Dante March 2011