In Issue #6, Face Off discovered they could achieve high-end productions in a lower-end studio than they previously thought possible.  Now they put Scope though its paces again to combine live and studio recording with camcorder footage to produce a video for their song 'Alive'.


I can smell the desert as the sun starts rising high

I can feel the rain drops

As they fall down from the sky

I can hear the wild life running for their lives

Predators and hunters sharpen up their knives


Shiva temples rise above the land of Gunga Din

Hypnotized by street snake charmers

As they do their thing

Himalayan peaks are rising higher than the sun

Spirit of the Delia Lama holding everyone


I can see the smoke arising getting us all high

I can feel excitement buzzing

Makes me feeling fine

I can see the dreadlocks moving down the beach

I can hear those Rastafarian heavy reggae beats


Been around the world six times

But nothing beats my home

With my baby back in my arms I've been gone too long

Every moment of my journey looking to this day

Now I'm back down under and you know I'm here to stay




Dante: So how was this video conceived and recorded?

Pete: I had come up with a guitar riff I was noodling about with before rehearsal one day, and the bass player picked up on it, then everyone joined in and before we knew it we had a verse and a chorus.  We started writing lyrics on the idea of traveling around the world, kind of like an 'I've been everywhere, man' song but with the added feel of looking forwards to coming back home.  Because nothing beats home.

Dante: And how did the footage come about?  Looks to me like you're still in a rehearsal studio?

Pete: Yes, a couple of weeks after we wrote the song, we had the idea of video taping a live rehearsal, so we brought a camcorder into the studio and played it live to a click track.  We then took the live soundtrack using it as a guide to multi-track each individual instrument and vocal, then retrofitted the completed studio mix syncing it to the video footage using Magix Movie Edit Pro running on a Windows 7 workstation.

Dante:  Was it hard to sync the soundtrack to the video?

Pete: Not really, since we had the original live track in the software for a visual match up.  There's a few differences between what we played live and what we multi-tracked later, but overall, we are happy with the end result given that the whole process was largely just off-the-cuff and done in a rehearsal studio without a professional producer or anything.

Dante: And what Scope gear did you use?

Pete:  DigitalAudioSoft plug-ins, such as MASTERIT, C350 (vocals) and Legend (guitars).

Dante April 2011