After browsing at PlanetZ I found a post about an effect that had been around for several years, and still being updated and revered by users.  It was called FLU_LIQ and it was made by MCCY.  Now, in this article I'm not even going to attempt to document the parameters, as they are numerous and complex, with many hidden.  It really is an effect to 'tweak-and-see' what effects you can obtain, and it doesn't take long to obtain excellent, usable results.  To this, I cannot add much more than what MCCY and XITE1/4LIVE had to say on the 'Z' (below) and... JUST GET IT!!


XITE-1/4LIVE:  Well in case anyone forgot what FLU_LIQ was, it's an effect that has no Native equivalent, and is unique to Scope DSP, like so many others.  Picture a nice field and stream photograph and visualize a snippet of music.  Now have the original picture still there but another image of the original being shifted around by waveforms over the top of the original, it has a watery Liquid sound that makes my Modular IV Electric Pianos really full of motion.

MCCY: There are LOTS of parameters under the surface. That's the reason why I have not implemented presets so far.  I have no concept for all these parameters being implemented user-friendly. Changing overall speed shouldn't be a big problem but to be precise, there are sixteen speeds involved. Imagine selecting speed, different waveforms and depth for every single LFO and even some secret parameters more which should make sense.  To have these things controllable is exactly what I want too, but even the simplest way (just adding a huge control-surface) needs some time.



XITE-1/4LIVE: I use MCCY's FLU_LIQ for a Chorus/Flange type of effect too.  It has a unique sound that is reminiscent of the Electro Harmonix Electric Mistress hardware effect (shown left).

Josef Zawinul (R.I.P.) had some of the finest technique and effects on a Rhodes in the history of that fabulous invention. I often find myself using Wax-S Wah-Wah with Celmo's Pro Vintage Delay inserted into it to achieve those tones.  There is a song from the Heavy Weather album called "A Remark You Made" that had a layered Grand Piano with a Rhodes and Phaser that was drop dead gorgeous.  I have come close to it, but never really nailed it, as the noise associated with most modulation effects added excessive noise.

Liquid has nailed it to the wall. The natural harmonics of the Grand Piano without reverb layered with a Rhodes and this, and of course a touch of the PCM91 on the Rhodes is perfect.


Since Flu_Liq contains many different controls across multiple frequency ranges, the main panel provides a simplified one-to-many mapping of these controls.  This becomes more obvious when you open any of the three sub-control panels, as illustrated by the animated picture below:


MCCY, XITE-1/4LIVE and Dante June 2011