Since Issue #3 Magesongs has furthered their use of Scope with access to the Clearcut Productions XITE, using it to mix/master the track for their new video 'Like An Angel Sent'.




Dante: So what's the story behind this video?

Mario: I've had experience with wayward youth in my time.  Many can be helped, it's just a matter of giving them hope and a second chance.

Dante: So that's where the Angel comes in - a kind of 'Angel of Guidance'? 

Mario: Exactly, someone that can be relied upon whenever you need help.

Dante: In terms of production, what new plug-ins helped bring out the quality of the music?

Mario: I was particularly impressed with the sound of the DAS C350 EQ on the lead vocals, there seemed to be some quality in there that I hadn't heard before on any of my vocal tracks.  I want to continue using that equalizer.  The DAS 2A compressor was also very useful.

Dante: Anything else?

Mario:  I liked the workflow of the XITE, having enough power to drive anything we wanted to throw at it without re-arranging the project to fit different devices.

Dante:  And in terms of mastering?

Mario: We tried the OptiMaster multi-band compressor, MasterIt EQ and BrickMaster Limiter and eventually opted for the latter two.  There are circumstances under which I would use any combination of those tools.  In the end, I was very pleased with the end result.



Dante: So how does your online songwriting course work?

Mario: We use web conferencing software such as Skye (with video conferencing add-on) so that the student(s) can see and hear what I am presenting.

Dante: Do you do that at set times for groups?

Mario: It can be group conferencing, or one-on-one.  I'm flexible about times for people living on the other side of the planet!

Dante: That's great, so what do they get out of the course?

Mario: As well as the lessons, they get to write a complete song with the possibility of that being published.  If they choose the production option, then the song will also get produced at a professional studio.  The course plus production package will most likely work out to be the same cost or even cheaper than just taking a song to an outside pro studio.

Dante:  Sounds like great value, with a pro demo and publishing possibility to boot!  Anyone interested can check it out here.




Dante and Mario July 2011