In August last year, I found a posting by bassdude on PlanetZ of a song called 'NOK Hold Me'.   I agreed with his comment to the effect that it was good to hear a genuine band recorded on Scope, and that Scope was sometimes underrated as an alternative to Protools etc.  Now, bassdude has come up with a couple of recordings that even more illustrate these points.

Dante: So with a name like 'bassdude' obviously you play bass instruments?

Bassdude: I have played five string fretless bass in various bands.  I have played at Parliament House for ASIA/Pacific forum and a support gig for Rhonda Burchmore at 2000 Australia day. I've worked for Live Sound production company and I am good friends and have supported and worked on a few projects for Mike Stavrou (AT Mag) including the 20th Anniversary of the SBS youth orchestra live recording.

Dante:  So how did these tracks originate?

Bassdude: I dug up a couple of tracks and made a few quick edits.  The first track was all recorded by me with an old Fostex 18 bit desk into Scope using stock effects.  It was when I was first getting to grips with Scope.  The only extra bit was two buses that were sent thru a Sebatron VMP 4000 valve preamp (hardware).  

The first track 'JME Digital Mundane (2004) Edit' was recorded on an old Fostex 18 bit desk when I was first getting to grips with Scope. Microphones used were AT4033, Shure SM57 on snare top, Beyer M201 on snare side, Beyer m201 on toms, AT4051 on OH's, Rode Classic on Kick.  Beyer M201 + At4033 on guitar.  At 4033 + Direct on bass.  As mentioned two mix busses were sent through the Sebatron VMP 4000 preamp.  The Sebatron VMP4000 is one of the best sounding and versatile valve preamps I have ever used.  The company is locally owned and made and at around $2000 Aus now are a steal!  You will like it!



JME Digital Mundane (2004) Edit


Dante:  Yes I'd like to try it one day.  And the second track?

Bassdude: 'JME Digital Demo CD' showcases brief snippets of my favourite recordings all done on Scope.


JME Digital Demo CD


Dante:  Great sounding tracks.

Bassdude:  I appreciate your enthusiasm for Scope. It is definitely some of the finest sounding equipment I have used. Even Stav recognizes the quality after doing his 'zipper' test.  He uses Nuendo and has some gripes.  If Scope ever had decent automation and interface with his Smart Consoles he invented, Stav would be very interested I am sure!


Dante and Bassdude July 2011