In ScopeRise #11, we reviewed the six string guitar Dynatube Amp/Cabinet Combo.  Completing our Dynatube series we go to the bottom end of the sonic spectrum and check out the Dynatube Bass bundle, which consists of two cabinets and two amps.  As per the six string series, the amps and cabinets can be freely combined to give four possible combinations.

Dynatube SW is a bass amp simulation modeled on a Simms-Watts PA100.  It has simple controls that can be used to quickly achieve a fat or dirty tone suitable in any mix be it hard rock or funk.  If you want a tone that enhances your bass lines, this Simms-Watts PA100 bass emulation will yield a vintage tone reminiscent of the '70s.  Originally, this amp was designed as a PA amplifier, and then adopted by bassists later.  Today it is a rarity but thanks to Softube and Sonic Core, all Scope guitarists can enjoy this renaissance of reality.

Dynatube AG is somewhat more complicated than SW but this gives a bit more versatility in the choices of tonality. Modeled on an Ampeg V-4BH this amp simulator gives the deep, fat sound of tube amplifiers.  The original Ampeg V-4BH was a classic and a standard amp in the industry. It may take a bit of time to find the right sound, but once mastered, you will be rewarded with a solid, authentic sound that can be adjusted to suit many genres from a fat slap bass tone to a smooth reggae low end or a distorted punk rock bass sound.

Wayne:  Here's a sketch for some short film music that ended up different anyway. I don't really use the SW as I have amps that do that, but the Ampeg simulation is cool for the old Fender. It is also perfect for playing rock with a pick, to get some growl.



Astroman: I have the Dynatube Bass bundle, which I found so convincing that I'll get at least the Fender emulation of the guitar set.  I have only used Dynatube's Ampeg model (with cabinet emulation) so far, but in amp-only mode it seems to provide some interesting flavors too.  With one Jazz Bass and two Precisions I'm a bit focused on the Fender 'classic' tone and put most effort in the set-up of the instrument itself.  So the amp emulation mainly adds to this.  My recording style is to direct inject the signal plus miked cabinet/ambience.

Dynatube Bass does the latter part perfectly, typically set to relatively low gain that just slides into a bit of crunch on louder notes.  It wins hands down if you want to fake the recording style of '60s/'70s soul and funk bass.  The plug-in is extremely responsive in sound character and dynamic and in my opinion you can't tell it from the real thing.

The Dynatube Bass models allow one to 'scale' the bass in a much more convenient way than by just the regular dynamics and EQ. You can make it as big and prominent in the mix as needed, or reduce a too hot (ringing, growling) track to better integrate in the mix.  This is shown even in the short examples on Sonic Core's site, though they focus on the 'more prominent' aspect.


Dante, Wayne, Astroman and S|C website October 2011

Listen to more sound examples here

Download the Dynatube Bass Guitar Manual here.