Clevo P270WM Windows 7 x86-64 Quad RAM Intel X79/SATA III/PCI-e 3.0. XITE-1/4LIVE: 34/54 Express Slot and a CF Card Reader for Solaris too.  It's a 16GB Kontakt streamer that will host the XITE-1 too.  The smaller 3820k CPU is 4 cores and faster.  It comes with 16GB that are 4 x 4 SoDIMMs, even has a backlit QWERTY and a built in card reader for Solaris.  It was meant to be.
Lenovo W520
Windows 7 x86-64

Core i7 2720QM / 2.2 GHz
HDD 500 GB
Quadro 1000M / HD Graphic

Sandy Bridge

JKSUPERSTAR:  I've got SCOPE installed no problem.  Having a 15" laptop with full 1080 HD screen, and SCREAMING speed.  I'm loving this thing so far. Levono W520 works flawlessly. It also has PCIe2.0, and from what I can tell, it works at that speed (an older Sony VAIO SZ-P120 had PCIe 1.0, and that would get 13 Masterverbs going, this surpasses that, but I need to do a more official test.

Update: The Lenovo w520 laptop is working phenomenally.

IBM ThinkCentre 8114      
Dell Vostro 1400     GARYB: Works with ASIO and no crackles.
Dell M6500     T_TANGENT: I have my XITE-1 connected to a Dell M6500 laptop which works great with Win7 32bit
Dell Precision M6500 Covet     T_TANGENT: Running Scope 5 in Win 7 32bit works flawlessly



SIRIUSBLISS: Call up ADK. They built a great laptop for me.  ADK's are mostly custom-built from Sager and other manufacturers, so not really off-the-shelf, but mine works great with Xite.

BUD WEISER: If you want really fast actual laptops w/ TI Firewire and compatible PCIexpress 34/54slot, you have to buy a ADK Pro Audio custom made laptop, Series 9000 w/ custom BIOS and for $3,500 US Dollars or more (depending on features).

Dell Precision M4400   Ricoh chipset KATANO: I have a Ricoh chipset in my Dell Precision M4400 and it works like a charm
Acer Travelmate 5720   Intel Centrino Core2Duo Intel T7500 (2.2GHz) or 7700 (2.4GHz) on socket P 478/ 479 motherboard / 800FSB BUD WEISER: It should compatible but I have not yet tested it.  It uses a max. of 4GB DDR2 667 only and the processor offers 4MB shared cache while the graphics share RAM too.  So not many VSTi in addition natively.  But it has Texas Instruments Firewire chipset, PCI/CIA Cardbus and Expresscard 34/54 !
DELL LATTITUDE D830   Core 2 Duo 1.8GHz, 512MB RAM, 60GB HDD ERIC:  Olive also bought one after he heard how well mine was working !
Macbook Pro     TAU: Pre-Unibody Macbook Pros work with W7 on bootcamp. Tried a couple of them already.
HP Elitebook 8560p   Up to 16gig of RAM and i7 models w/ 6MB level 3 cache available

BUD WEISER:  The HP Elitebook could be a proper Xite-1 /Express Card candidate.  I've found that reported by a Reaper forumite, owning a studio.  He's reporting it has great specs, TI-Firewire and a solid case w/ heat pipeline cooling.  Reading the specs in notebook check shows:

Expresscard 54
eSATA / USB 3 combo

And it's mentioned to be built in line with military standards (MIL-STD 810G).  Runs Win7 64Bits and comes w/ 4gigs of RAM, Intel Core i5 Sandy Bridge 2540M on Intel mainboard, dedicated ATI HD6470M graphics in a aluminum case w/ magnesium bottom.  7.200 UPM Hitachi SATA HD 320GB
EUR 1.199.- incl. VAT.  I expect RAM to be upgradable by exchanging the sticks by larger ones or throwing more sticks in (depends on count of slots not being reported here).  Exchanging HDD for a SSD might be a idea too.

Not cheap, but it has all we'd need in the audio world and eventually a good investment.  These Intel motherboards are pretty reliable as are EVGA (which aren't available for laptops at all as far as I know).




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