Both the DAS EP73 and the DAS DynEP come bundled with the DAS FM Bundle.  Three plug-ins for the price of one represents great value, and the smaller electric pianos offer a DSP-light addition to the mix.
The DAS DynEP has the brightest tone of these two pianos and has but six simple parameters:
  • BELL.  A good way to tweak the brightness.
  • DAMPER.  Offers some control over how quickly the tone decays.
  • TUNE.  Tune the piano a full semitone either way.
  • RATE.  Controls the rate of the tremolo
  • INTENSITY.  Controls the depth of the tremolo effect.

These controls are simple and the plug-in is very lightweight on DSP, so if you want a quick result with lower DSP usage than the F07 for an electric piano sound, then DAS DynEP is the way to go !


The DAS Electric Piano 73 has the same features and low DSP benefit of the DAS DynEP but has a softer tone.

Both of these pianos respond to velocity and you can obtain a high polyphony count which barely moves the DSP meter on an XITE-1D.


Dante November 2011