The NAMM show (held each year in Anaheim California) is one of the largest fairs of the music industry along with the music fair in Frankfurt.  During 2011 NAMM hosted over 1,500 exhibitors and more than 85,000 visitors from all over the world.  All available show room at the Anaheim Convention Center (one of the largest fair centers of the world) has been filled by NAMM since 2007 and has been designated the 'loudest fair of the world' in spite of emission rules.  The volume levels have been known to exceed 85dB due to background sound alone. The NAMM show is open to members applying from registered companies in the music industry.



BRANDS: Scope, Scope Xite-1, A16.
Siegdamm 32, Siegburg, 53721 DEU
49-22413019595 | FAX: 49- 22413 019596
Booth# 1164 (Hall E)


GregH: Having met Julian Schmidt at the show, I can assure you guys that ParseQ will be a very cool DAW that can stand out by using the power of Scope.  Overall I think this year's NAMM has been all about bundling and partnerships, so I think we'll see some great things coming out this year.

GaryB's effort was astounding.  Running all these bands through XITE-1 while also keeping the decibel police happy. NOT easy in the huge convention center.  The whole stage was running through one XITE-1!

It was great finally meeting JimmyV face to face and hear his playing on the XITE-1 Modular IV and Solaris.

Dante:  And you also met Julian and John Bowen? 

GregH:  Julian is a good guy and nice to finally meet him at NAMM.  Thanks Julian for being such a big Scope fan.  John Bowen was also present at the stand some of the time, although he was also at his own stand most of the time next to Dave Smith's booth.

Dante:  Did you get to take any videos?

GregH:  I hope to post some videos later on.  The networks around here are very bad and  congested. 

Dante:  Overall, how would you rate the interest in Sonic Core this year?

GregH: Scope, open-Scope, and XITE ARE getting a lot of interest at the show.




Thomas (good vibes), Gary and Julian (ParseQ). All great guys very devoted to the Scope cause!

Dante, GaryB, Joel and GregH January 2012