In early January 2012, Scope user EHasting suggested the idea of a community plug-in site which would aid existing Scope users, but also have the potential to attract new users with a graphic marketing type feel.  The response was positive, with Mr Arkadin contributing many hours of R&D compiling a list of the free community devices.  From this exercise came the birth of a new psy-works web site built for the purpose of showcasing some of the best free Scope devices with user reviews - Community Sonic Core SCOPE Plugins and Devices

Whilst psy-works will host devices that have graphics and reviews, ScopeRise will also feature next month a text only indexed list of the full Mr Arkadin range.  Meanwhile Ehasting gives us some background on his new creation.


Dante: How did you get into web site authoring?

Ehasting:  Well, basically I am not into it. But I have fairly good knowledge about servers and software. I also have a not very active blog going on at So it was a rather quick an easy task putting the we page up. The challenge is usually content.

Dante:  Tell me about it!  What web tools are you familiar with?

Ehasting: I don't have any specific knowledge in web authoring. But I use Wordpress due to its simplicity. I also know how to program, so making any modification or add-ons can be done if needed.

Dante:  What inspired you to make this site?

Ehasting:  The fact that the planetz is filled with devices that are free, but look like million dollar devices! So I felt it would be nice to make a page that could be like a shop window, with a high hit rate on Google! All the hours people on planetz have put into making the Scope platform what it is today deserve some focus! But I will highlight activity on the page from readers that will help the page on Google. For example comments, reviews and rating of devices.



Dante:  What do you like about Scope platform and devices?

Ehasting:  First of all, it is more than flexible and runs with no latency! I get only 11 samples of latency round trip when sending from Logic Audio and back. The sound of the devices are more than excellent (the DAS plugs are fantastic).  Then comes the extensive I/O.  With two cards I can have 42 inputs and outputs.  Then there is the longevity factor, as I have been running this platform on cards that are over ten years old (my TC Konnekt 24D is at the end of its life after only four year).  Sonic Core are exceptional and the user community is a strong community which is very important. I have learned so much from planetz!


Dante and Ehasting January 2012