The chance to obtain the S|C Six String (virtual guitar emulation) at a Christmas discount was too tempting to miss.  I was not disappointed.  Whilst I was not expecting to replace the sound of real guitars the Six String was handy when voicing up MIDI files for backing bands or using in arrangements where new original sounds were required.

There are two 'models' to choose from.  The 'Electric' and the 'Acoustic'.  These models have many characteristics in common which include:
  • Two pick-up (or microphone) positions, one for the top three strings and one for the bottom three strings.  These can be moved graphically using the mouse.

  • A plectrum position, which can also be manipulated with the mouse.

  • A Chorus and Delay in the Effects section.

  • Eight String Types including three 'B' strings, four 'G' strings and a MonoString.

  • Common performance parameters such as 'Pluck', 'Damping' and 'Slap'.

  • Physical characteristics of the strings such as 'Inertia' and 'Elasticity'.



The following characteristics specific to the 'Electric' model are provided.

  • A variety of pick-up types including two variations of each of 'Warm', 'Clear', 'Bright', 'High' and 'Sharp' and a single type for 'Full Range'.

  • An Amplifier model which includes three variations of five amp types including 'Clean', 'Crunchy', 'Digi', 'Heavy' and 'Just EQ'.

  • Amplifier controls include 'Pre EQ', 'Post EQ', 'Distortion', 'Speaker' and 'Volume'

A well rounded modeling capability gives the electric model a lot of versatility.




The 'Acoustic' model includes:

  • A simple but comprehensive 'Body' section which allows selection between many different body types including 'Body 1', 'Body 2', 'Body 3', 'Western', 'Flamenco' 'Concert 1', 'Concert 2' and 'Western 2'.

  • The Body section allows control over three different formant frequencies and levels.

  • A Body parameter called 'Relation' to control the relative strength that the Strings have versus the Body in effect over the overall sound.

See animation of these controls below.




6S Christmas Mood by Hurolura



Horizons (6 string remix by Dante) - from Genesis album 'Foxtrot'



Sunmachine: My entry for the butterfly effect remix competition includes sounds from Core's Six String.


  Mr Arkadin:  Six-String Demo 1


Dante, Hurolura and Sunmachine March 2012