Checking out vintage warmers for Scope is a fun thing.  Images of glowing valves and 1/2 inch 8-track tape aside, I tried to think of the simplest way to explain the effect subjectively rather than scientifically.  The 'warmers' I listen to typically overdrive certain frequencies to distortion but in a manner pleasant to the ear.  Listening on headphones, there seems to be a little more 3D depth as certain elements (instruments) within the mix begin to stand out so that the experience became a little more immersive.

At least this was my first impression of the effect Fat Cat added when inserted at the end of a mastering chain.


The controls of Fat Cat are similar to a standard compressor, but with the addition of the 'HEAT' control which adds some analog fatness.

  • COMPRESS.  Adds compression.

  • HEAT.  Adds 'vintage warmth' - e.g. pleasant harmonic distortion.

  • ATTACK.  Time after a transient occurs that compression kicks in.

  • RELEASE. Release time of compression effect.

  • IN GAIN.  Input gain.

  • OUT GAIN.  Output Gain.



ReD_MuZe:  Fat Cat is a dynamic saturator, which saturates the quiet parts of the sound, to achieve a special warm compression effect.  While most compressors reduce the volume of the loud parts, Fat Cat increases the volume of the quiet parts while retaining the volume of the loud parts. This effect, although similar to compression, also changes the character of the sound, giving it more body, and subtly enriching it with low-order overtones. It is impossible to clip the signal with Fat Cat, as the saturation protects the compressor from clipping. Fat Cat is excellent with male vocals, bass, drums, synths, and any other warmth craving tracks.

Dante:  So guys what applications do you use the Fat Cat for?

Niceboy: The FAT CAT plug-in is very useful for us with great amplification and built in feedback.  Used on rhythm guitar we can get an extra heavy fat sound with feedback on 464 kHz.  The reverb sounds as it should be on Large Hall.  Also, the Fat Cat doesn't need any filter when you use the preset called Nice Presence and we used 'turbo' to raise the level a little bit.  Reverb and delay work like real amps when put in feedback in this set-up.  The compressor is just excellent.

SweetPea:  The one I really like in the 'Music Pack' bundle is the FAT CAT Compressor.  This baby reminds me of the old Studio Electronics C2. It has the heat knob and when this is on full tilt it slightly overdrives the device and causes the compression to add harmonics.  Nice package for sure.  These are great tools to add to the arsenal, especially if you grow weary of your current equalizer or compressor. These will definitely warm up our frozen brothers in Britain.  Fat Cat Compressor actually sounds like it can be overdriven


Dante, ReD_MuZe, Niceboy and SweetPea.  August 2012