King Of Snake: I had been busy buying and renovating a new house so have not had time for music for a while.  Now I took a month long mini-sabbatical to work on music amongst other things (I can recommend this to everyone). So the goal was to finish two tracks in this month, and this is the first. 


And so, Sputnikk returns with warm vibes to drive away the summer clouds and rains (we have a lot of that over here right now). Another signature melodic tech-house production which I hope you enjoy.  Stuff used in the making of this tune: Sonic Core Scope (actually I really only used a bit of PSY-Q on the master), Ableton Live, Operator, Albino 2 and Massive synths, Soundtoys and lots of Ableton effects.


Dante: How long ago did you discover Scope and how has your Scope setup evolved over the years?

King Of Snake:  I started with a Pulsar 1 pretty much when it came out, so quite a long time ago.   I only recently retired that card because I upgraded my computer and the new motherboard had only two PCI slots which are now occupied by a Pulsar II and Luna PowerSampler card.  I'm also using the Luna converter box for analog input (my Nord Rack and Emu XL-1 modules are plugged into this).

Dante:  And what are some of your musical influences - what artists inspire you?

King Of Snake:  Started with the big electronic bands of the '90s: mainly Underworld (huge fan), Chemical Brothers, Leftfield, Orbital. Also Sasha, John Digweed, King Unique, Robert Babicz and loads of other artists. I listen to Digweeds Transitions radio show a lot because I like what he plays.  Sort of a blend of techno, house and progressive.


Dante: The bass line - I really like that. What synth did you use?

King Of Snake:  Ableton Operator (bought that recently, and it's a very cool synth with lots of interesting possibilities due to the hybrid FM/subtractive design. Although this bass sound is very simple and you could probably make it on any synth.

Dante: I like the pitched tom sounds - how did you achieve that?

King Of Snake: Yeah that is my favourite bit of the track, and it's also from the Operator synth. I was inspired by these kind of pitched percussive sounds you hear quite frequently in certain (minimal) techno tracks. Another part of that sound is the reverb that I automated so the first couple of notes the reverb is off, and the following notes the reverb is on so that made it a bit more interesting as well.

Dante: What is 'Dubno'?

King Of Snake:  Dubnobasswithmyheadman, Underworld's first album. (that comment was from someone else on the Underworld forum where I also posted the track)

Dante: And your favourite Scope plugs?

King Of Snake:  Hmmm hard to say, I must admit I've gone almost completely native and just use the Scope for routing and the I/O nowadays. I did use the Psy-Q on this track, because I like what it does to the sound with just a little bit of the high EQ and the stereo enhancer.


Dante and King of Snake August 2012