Ehastings: Does the Celmo Tape Echo Simulator emulate any hardware device, or is it purely fictional 'based upon a true story' ?

GaryB: It's similar to a Roland Space Echo, but it's a 'based on a true story' type of echo.

JKSuperstar: The fact that it has three heads with control over each one's positioning is very cool.

GaryB:  Yes, it sounds great, too!

JHulk:  The Celmo tape echo is a very good tape echo simulation.  It's great for dub and pads and for great depth for string synth sounds or choirs.

Scopus:  I love the Celmo tape echo, really one of those hidden Scope gems, yet to find nothing in native world that gets me off like it and tried them all including the GSs201 and EchoBoy.  The sound is so good and great full control over tape heads and feedback equalizers make it worth every penny.

SoundDesigner: My thoughts exactly! Celmo makes some of the best overlooked plug-ins in the business.  I have not heard a native or any other  platform tape delay that has the clarity and depth of Celmo's.  UAD's is characterful with a lot more color but is not as good overall to my ears and unlike most plugins Celmo's Tape Echo protects the original source well and does not introduce a lot of damaging and cheap sounding artifacts.  The Spring Reverb from Celmo is awesome too, as well as some of his other plug-ins.

Celmo is a developer that many people are asleep to and being on the Scope platform which is niche adds to that.  Might not have the fancy GUIs, fancy looking website, reputation for making high-end hardware, the glamour and Hollywood actors advertising his products but some of his plug-ins are great and stand the test of time. I really hope Celmo continues to develop for Scope and creates something new for XITE-1.  Celmo did some awesome things with the very little DSP power of the old Scope PCI cards.  So I'm sure an XITE-1 with a new SDK would yield some very special things from Celmo.  One of my top favorite developers no doubt.





Dante October 2012