Dante: So just what is the LE-1?

Erminardi: LE-1 is a Loudness Enhancer.  I've built this for my own needs, but if you find it useful, take it for free. It's not formally a classic compressor and not a classic equalizer, it's a 'signal fattener' with EQ controls for high and low band plus a tube warmer.  I've built it to invigorate my poor & constipated native soft synthesizers (FM7 and some freeware).  It's calibrated in my own taste.  Try it also with standard Creamware synths like U KNOW 007, Saturn or miniscope, or try with voice recording and (with care) with some poor MP3 songs (warning, maximized mix and/or higher pot levels can reach some unwanted distortion). If you find some bugs and if you have some opinion, please let me know.

Dante:  Great little plug-in.  Are you still developing Scope devices?

Erminardi: I was the developer when I had more time to spend to Scope SDK.  For now I'm away from my beloved Scope system because my moving to London (for a work) but I really hope to go back as soon as possible.



Dawman: Just wanted to let you know the device works great in the XITE-1. I never heard this before, but the Tube sound is juicy and very nice.  It bubbles and drips, well at least on my Modular creations.

Dante:  Nice GUI controls - did you make those?

Erminardi: Ah, thanks a lot to Stardust for his amazing knobs, they makes my devices sound better.

HiFiBoom:  Amazing, makes every sound much more rich and more loud. Very nice.... Good GFX by the way.....

Stephenson:  Most useful for instant fatness!


Dante and Erminardi August 2013