The news from our resident Musikmesse reporter this year was good.  S|C are still on track with development work towards Open Scope products, and Ferrofish for the first time were displaying their products at the trade show.  This all goes to show that Scope is not only an enduring platform but one which is also bound for bigger and better things.


HUROLURA:  Regarding Ferrofish, the new thing is that they had a booth at the Musikmesse for the first time this year.

With Sonic Core, the situation is quite similar with work underway on Open Scope, Scope 6 and related products. I saw something very cool designed from a third party running on the XITE-1 during the show so there will likely be an announcement later in the year.

Both teams have projects under development and my feeling is quite good about what they are preparing. 

Having both companies presenting a booth at the Musikmesse this year was a good sign in a year where many others had disappeared.  To the right is a picture I took featuring the Ferrofish team (Tobias, Klaus and Juergen).  And below is a German YouTube video about the B4000+.


SUNMACHINE: In this video you can see a really short sequence (30 sec) of the Sonic Core booth, starting at 3:24.

LIQUIDEDGE: Basically he managed to lengthen out and elaborate on what the XITE-1 does for audio production and engineering.   i.e.  'Everything'

DANTE:  And even the word 'Everything' falls short in describing the elegance of the Scope platform.


Dante, Hurolura, Sunmachine and Liquidedge July 2013