The combination of Reason and dNa is a winner.  When I first tried to mix in 96KHz on XITE-1D using Cubase I found it restrictive - mainly good for just MIDI. But that was back in 2011, and since then Reason has come of age. The Reason Line6 Guitar amps are a great way to add some crunch to over-driven guitar, rhythm and lead.

The Reason RV7000 reverb is second to none and as good as anything else I've heard, native, DSP or hardware, and with only three knobs excellent for dialing up a quick result.

  • Firstly, fire up Scope and create an ASIO project with 8 stereo (16 channels) pairs routed to a dNa Summer of 82.

  • Start up Reason, select 'Preferences'.

  • Select the 'Audio' tab.

  • Select ASIO SCOPE XITE-1 and the audio card driver.

  • Select the 'Channels' button next to 'Active output channels'.

  • Activate all 8 stereo pairs in the 'Select Active channels' pop-up window.

  • Created 8 mix buses in Reason (routed to Scope dNa Summer of 82).

Workflow in Reason is now a breeze as adding new tracks can be immediately routed to any of the 8 buses (far simpler than the multi-screen routing navigation of Cubase).



Adding dNa Summer and mastering plug-ins is great for Classic Rock mixes.  Although you can tell the difference this and real analog classic mixes you can get close to obtaining a 'best of both worlds' sound.



Dante October 2013