So what's changed since Reason was last covered by ScopeRise in 2010?  There has been the addition of recordable audio tracks, extra devices and workflow features but the one factor which arguably is of most consequence to a Scope user is the addition of MIDI output to external instruments.  And by 'external' I don't mean external to the workstation, but external to Reason itself.  Why is this important ?  It's important because it is now possible to control Scope instruments from Reason itself, something that was not possible before without the inclusion of an additional DAW program such as Cubase.


A further implication of this is that complete arrangements can be created in Reason that can now drive Scope synthesizers.  The project I put together for this article runs on Reason and Scope alone, without Cubase or any other host DAW running at all.

You will notice from the illustration to the right that there are four Scope MIDI ports present.  A pair each on both PCI and the XITE-1D.

Both Scope XITE and Scope PCI MUST be opened and have two 'Sequencer Source' modules present BEFORE Reason is opened, otherwise you will get 'Cant Find MIDI port' pop-ups from Reason start-up.

  Of great interest to Scope Electro producers and artists will be Reason Rack Extensions.  BeatChop is one of several 'glitch' type devices that is capable of producing some great effects on vocals or whole mixes.  Beatchop is a deep device function-wise and comes with a 30 page PDF manual describing all parameters and performance switches.

Insert it into Reason Vocal tracks, add MIDI triggering and you're good to go.  The effect can be heard at the 2:45 mark of the track below featuring Scope synths driven from Reason.




Dante  2013