This project provides two great Zarg synthesizers to the overall setup with their MIDI input exposed to Windows (and therefore Reason) via the two 'Sequencer MIDI Source' modules.

The audio output of the synthesizers are then sent to LUNA ADAT Destination channels.  Since the Luna is connected to the XITE-1D ADAT ports via a lightpipe cable, the resulting audio can be processed and mixed in the XITE-1D project shown below.



This project is the main mix project, mixing channels from Reason via ASIO with the Scope PCI synthesizers connected via ADAT.

Note the 'XITE-1 ADAT B Source' module feeding channels 29, 30, 31 and 32 of the Scope Mixer.

The output of the XITE-1D Mix is sent back to Reason via ASIO for a final mixdown which includes all Reason tracks and instruments and the Zarg synthesizers running on Scope PCI.



Dante October 2013