In Windows 8 there is no control panel applet allowing setup of MIDI ports.  However CodeProject have released a small application called midi-out-setter that will allow you to check your MIDI ports under Windows 8.


Ensure that all Scope ports shown in the MIDI out setter (left) are active in Scope projects (right).

Doing this will avoid annoying error messages when starting up Reason and further allow you to select all Scope synthesizers using these ports as input to be selected as external instruments in Reason's 'External MIDI Instrument' device.

You can now use Reason as a standalone DAW with access to Scope synthesizers.


A Scope Sequencer Remote module can be added to a Scope project to control the reason transport control and song position locators.  In my example project, I added the Sequencer Remote to the Scope PCI project routed to a 'Sequencer MIDI Destination' module.  By selecting Scope PCI as a MIDI controller in Reason, I was then able to right click on the reason transport controls to 'learn' the signals (MIDI CCs) sent out by the Scope Sequencer Remote.

This comes in handy as the Reason transport control can be sometimes hard to find when changing between the many Reason screen-sets. 



Dante October 2013