Normally I'm using Studio One Professional as my DAW. But since PreSonus launched Studio One Free a while ago I was curious what you can do with it.  So I temporarily turned my Professional version into the Free one and started to make a simple demo arrangement using several Scope synthesizers, my Roland JV-2080 and a Roland R-8M for the drum part.

In the following pages I'll show how to do the initial setup of the external devices and the audio routing, use Instrument (think MIDI) Tracks and Audio Tracks to build the arrangement and also add some automation. After that, all the tracks will be mixed down to a single stereo track. Finally there's a brief overview of the different available Studio One versions to conclude our short Studio One trip.

This article can't be an in-depth tutorial and will only scratch the application's surface, but it will hopefully give you an idea what's possible with Studio One Free and how to use it with Scope. 

As the name suggests, 'Studio One Free' is free. That means it costs nothing!

So if you want to give it a try, just grab your copy from the PreSonus Download Page.




sunmachine April 2014