The Fooxer is a looping delay, and is actually a revised version of an earlier device called 'Mooxer' also from creator Roy Thinnes of CW Modular.

At first there seemed to be a bewildering array of controls so I sat down to see if there was a simple, practical way to use Fooxer.  The scenario I came up with is one I have seen many times from soloist buskers' in a city mall.  The requirement was to have a hands free method of jamming with oneself, so maybe put down a bass line first, then while the bass is looping overdub some harmonic or rhythmic riffs over the top.  I came up with the following basic steps using a Digitech 'Control 8' foot-pedal which is basically one volume pedal and a number of foot switches that allowed one to change the CC that the volume pedal sends out. 

  1. I chose CC7 for Fooxer channel 1 (left half) and CC8 for Fooxer Channel 2, 'teaching' the respective 'Dry / Loop' sliders to respond.

  2. Centering the 'Dry/Loop' slider is the record position.  Continuous playing will create overdubs.

  3. Sliding to the full 'Dry' position wipes the recording from the channel.

  4. Sliding to the full 'Loop' position places that channels loop in a playback hold, where it won't be overdubbed.



Dante October 2013