Dante: Live Bait, in deciding on the tracks for their debut album, decided to pay tribute to late keyboardist 'Mack Lancaster' by including one of his songs 'Perfect Stranger'.  I spoke to Live Bait's programmer Warren Stone about his choice of Scope for the album's production.

Warren:  We knew this was going to be a heavily DAW-oriented production as our rhythm section were away touring with other bands, so VST bass and drums were going to be mandatory.  The Orange Tree Jaco Bass is to date the best sampled bass I've ever heard so we pressed ahead sequencing the bass lines.  The keyboard lines we rescued from Mack's MIDI archive.  Craig and Richard's vocals were awesome as usual and Glenn's guitar work kicked ass.  Add to that Clearcut Studio's Scope production and we're extremely happy with the result.

Lead Vocals:

Backing Vocals:

Lead Guitars:

Karl Hoth (Velvet City)

Richard Bodinnar (Whitehorse Music)

Glenn Howard (The Apple Tree)


Written By: Mack Lancaster

Keyboards: Mack Lancaster

Drums/Bass: Warren Stone

Scope Production: Paul Dante



Dante:  Since you're relatively new to Scope what were your first impressions?

Warren:  Being a programmer by trade I was extremely impressed with the routing by point and click.  It's like being in a virtual studio on steroids but the whole room full of gear is on one screen in front of you.  That is, once you've set up all the physical I/O in and out of the XITE-1 and/or PCI cards.  Building user interfaces for a living I'm constantly being tasked about 'user-friendliness' and the Scope routing window has that in spades.  The sonic capabilities are another world altogether.  I really liked some of the mastering tools such as Psy-Q, MasterIT and Brickmaster.  And the B-2003 gave a perfect rendition of the old B3 and Leslie.

Dante:  And you're thinking of using Scope live?

Warren:  Definitely.  We've never had use for a PC before but adding a laptop or a 3U machine which replaces a rack of mastering gear or keyboards would ease the load in/out burden and simplify things, and go a long way to perfecting our sound as well.



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Dante and Warren September 2012